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The newspaper review database contains 43 variables and includes 304 extractive projects (mining, hydrocarbon, hydroelectric and wind farms) reviewed between Jan 2006 and Jan 2020. The main variables provide the name of the project, name of enterprise/promoter owning the project, their subsidiaries, the project’s geographical location, a short description of the conflicting issues related to the project, the types of demands that communities impacted by the project raise, and the types of participative institutions involved in these conflictive events, reported by the press.


This document represents the commitment to use the database of socio-environmental conflicts in Mexico developed within the framework of the project “Conversing with Goliath: participation, mobilisation and repression in neo-extractionist and environmental conflicts” as well as any updates of the database, according to the principle of good faith and for strictly academic purposes. Thus, whomever subscribes cannot, under any circumstances and in any event, use the information contained in the database for commercial purposes or for any other gainful activity, according to the terms indicated in the Creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, in accordance with which the database is registered.

Equally, whoever subscribes to this agreement undertakes to adequately, visibly and distinctively cite the source of the database, detailed above, in each public product, as followings:

Zaremberg G, Guarneros-Meza V, Flores-Ivich G & Torres Wong M (2019) Conversing with Goliath: Hemerographic Database on Conflicts in Mining, Hydrocarbon, Hydroelectric and Wind-Farm Industries in Mexico, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

It is hereby acknowledged that the data on petroleum fields and pipelines with EIS were developed in collaboration with Manuel Llanos, Cartocrítica, and with support from the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Furthermore, the visible inclusion of the FLACSO, Mexico and De Montfort University logos is agreed to by those accessing and showing all or part of the information contained in the database.

Finally, the subscribing party commits toneither share nor publicly disseminate the information contained in the database without prior authorization from the authors.. 

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