The following events have been held in connection with the project:

Presentation of database and progress on the project in Xalapa, Veracruz (January 2019)

This event was held on January 21, 2019 at CIESAS Gulf. It was organized by Dr Ernesto Isunza Vera, with the participation of Martín Aguilar (Veracruz University), Janett Vallejo (CIESAS Gulf), Carlos Casas (Veracruz University), Claudia Morales (CIESAS Gulf), Rubén Darío Gutiérrez (student at CIESAS Gulf), Pamela Bernal (student at CIESAS Gulf), Nain Paulino (research assistant at CIESAS Gulf), and Chandra Rodríguez (research assistant CIESAS Gulf). 

The data and main conclusions from the Hemographic Database of the project, “Conversing with Goliath” were presented by Dr Gisela Zaremberg. The initial findings of qualitative cases were presented by Dr Marcela Torres Wong. Following each presentation, participants were invited to comment on and debate the results in light of their own research.